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Hosted professional e-mail services featuring custom domain names and integrations with popular productivity tools.


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GoDaddy Email & Office is GoDaddy's Email service. It allows you to set up an Email address, using your business's website as the domain name. Many people use GoDaddy to purchase and manage their business website, so this optional add-on service is an easy purchase that allows users to set up an Email address.

As is required for any professional Email address, GoDaddy's Email services are fast, reliable, and integrate easily with a wide array of Email programs, including Microsoft Office or Google. This allows for easy and secure accessibility. Indeed, many users noted that you could easily access the Email remotely, but at this point, that's something that should be expected with any Email services. Furthermore, you can also add additional Email addresses to the program if you have a larger company, and you can migrate your Email from one service to another. 

One of the most convenient things about this Email service is how easy it is to add and integrate with your website. Since so many people already purchase their domain and manage their website through GoDaddy, it is easy to simply click a few buttons and add an Email service to their website. 

There is a price associated with this service, but it can go as low as $1.99 a month - a virtual steal. A more professional version of the software costs $7.99 a month but comes with a variety of additional services and more storage space. However, many commonly available email services - like advanced security, Email backup, and archiving - are not included with either of these versions. Those can be purchased for an additional fee. This is both frustrating and disappointing, as it feels as if the service is nick and diming you. 

Some users have expressed concerns with a variety of aspects of this service. While it is very basic, it doesn't come with a variety of features, including a read receipt, spell check, or common formatting options. This is highly disappointing for many users, as a variety of these features are relatively standard. On the plus side, integrating this Email address with another service, like Microsoft Office, can address many of these features, but not all of them. As such, if you are looking for a program with more native features, you may want to look elsewhere.


  • Email service is safe, reliable, and accessible from anywhere.
  • The Email integrates easily with a variety of other services, fitting in with whatever your office requires. 
  • Prices are extremely affordable.
  • Easily integrates with your already purchased website, ensuring that you can make a good Email client purchase by just clicking a few buttons. 


  • Many services - like backup - are a la carte, meaning that you have to pay additional for them. 
  • Is missing many common Email features - even things as basic as spell check.
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